McGillivray’s interest in commodities (especially sugar) and micro-history combined with her gravitation toward early XXth century developments—war, boom, and bust at the global level and nationalism, populism, and revolution at the local level—motivated her book, “Blazing Cane: Sugar Communities, Class, and State-Formation in Cuba, 1868-1958” (Duke Univ, 2009) and her new book project “Sugar and Power in Brazil, 1880-1965.”

Doctorate in History:
Georgetown University, 2002
Masters in Latin American Studies:
Georgetown University, 1997

Fields of expertise:
Brazil, Cuba, Mexico, Commodities (especially sugar), State-Formation, Populism, Revolution, Workers, Farmers

Languages spoken/read/written:
English (native)
French (fluent)
Portuguese (fluent)
Spanish (fluent)